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Screen Shots on the Mac

I've spent several hours over the last two days trying to figure out the best way to take screen shots from web pages to use in Gordon McGregor and my upcoming DVCon presentation on Continuous Integration using Jenkins. My first attempt involved using Skitch, from Evernote. But I couldn't figure out how to take a screen shot of a single window. Instead, as best as I could tell you had to select the content you wanted to take a snapshot of each time. That meant the borders of each image were slightly shifted, and ended up being sized differently in my PowerPoint presentation. Finally, I discovered that Mac OS X comes with a program called "Grab". 

Grab allows you to select a particular window and takes a screenshot of the entire contents. So once I sized the window I could quickly take several snapshots of webpage contents, save them, and move them over to my PowerPoint presentation. I hear that PowerPoint 2010 on the PC has such a feature built-in. But I couldn't find that on the Mac PPT 2011 version.