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48th DAC Day 1: Cloud Computing, Registers

This marks my 5th year attending the Design Automation Conference. Unlike prior years where I've lugged around my camera and had a schedule of events to participate in, this year, I came with a relatively free slate. No hard plans, just a todo list (thank goodness for OmniFocus for iPad) and my walking shoes. I wanted to share a quick list of a couple of my highlights from Monday. 

As usual, my first few hours at DAC involved me wandering the show floor catching up with all of my friends and colleagues that I only get to see in person at conferences. Included in that list were Harry Gries and James Colgan, who were kind (and patient) enough to give me demo of Xuropa's latest cloud offerings in the Synopsys Partner's booth. I've been struggling with the benefits of EDA in the cloud for a few years now, but have recently seen some good use of outsourcing one's EDA IT infrastructure. But the product Xuropa (and Synopsys - more later) is pushing is a bit different than what I've been used to up to this point.

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