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Pat Pistilli Selected to Receive Phil Kaufman Award

I've just received word that this year's Phil Kaufman award will be given to Pat Pistilli. Pat "will receive this year’s Phil Kaufman Award for pioneering the electronic design automation (EDA) industry and building the Design Automation Conference as its premier showcase and networking platform." I had an opportunity to meet and interview Pat at DAC in 2009. That interview definitely stands out as one of the highlights of the last 5 years I've been blogging on Cool Verification. Given my relatively short time in the EDA industry, it was fascinating to hear about what was going on back in the late 1950s and early 1960s when engineers were just starting to realize that it could be possible to create tools to automate computer design. From my interview with Pat:

'The now-obvious question that occurred to Pat and engineers at other companies at the time was, “What if a computer program could be written to automate the work currently being done by hand?” In theory, the computer ought to be able to do a better job, if only it was possible to enter the design into the computer in the first place.'

I'd like to extend my congratulations to Pat and thank him for his lifetime dedication to EDA. The dinner honoring Pat will be held Tuesday, October 12, at the San Jose Marriott Hotel in downtown San Jose.

Pat Pistilli, MP Associates

Pat Pistilli, 2010 Phil Kaufman Award Winner