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EDA Vendors: Do More With Less

This post is for all of those lonely EDA vendors out there, wondering whether or how they're going to attract customers at the upcoming Design Automation Conference. You may have heard of Xuropa. Xuropa started out a couple of years ago focused on two things - creating an EDA social community and a related capability for vendors to showcase their products. Recently, they appear to have dropped the social networking aspect and really focused on enabling vendors to demonstrate their products via on-demand access to vendor "labs". The labs are basically controlled environments where users can actually run tools with all of the relevant files, licenses, and configuration already set up, without having to actually install anything on their own servers. 

How is this related to DAC?  As you may have guessed by now, Xuropa's online labs could be used to demonstrate your tools to customers on the DAC floor with only a network-connected laptop. Any heavy lifting required to run tools can be done on the Xuropa servers. Xuropa is giving away a free Xuropa Cloud Application Server and Collaboration Environment to the person with the best tip on how to "do more with less". If you're an EDA vendor planning to attend DAC, you'll want to check out Xuropa's "Do More With Less" contest for information on how to win.