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Something Old, Something New: Monday at DAC

DAC 2009 Presentation Schedule: JL Gray

When I first attended DAC in 2007, it was loads of fun. I had nothing to do other than roam around and blog. Last year, I still got to blog, but had some responsibilities in the form of a Birds of a Feather session, an OVM Panel (which I was late for because I went to the wrong hotel) and a presentation on the Myth of SystemVerilog Interoperability.  Somehow, I thought I was busy…  This year, I’ll be involved with several activities on both the technical and social media fronts.  If you have the time, please stop by one of the following events and say hello!

If you believe I’m supposed to be involved in a public event that is missing from this list, please send me a private email ASAP ;-).

[*] If you want to know what I’ll be talking about, you’ll just have to show up!


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