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DVCon 2009: Coming Soon to a Theater Near You!

DVCon Misfits Unite!

DVCon starts three weeks from today.  Back in December, Brian Bailey commented that the DVCon program has too much of a focus on vendor-generated content.  I know for my part I was too busy back in August to spend the time to submit a paper abstract, even though at the time I already had an abstract and was developing slides for a perfectly good presentation on stimulus generation in the VMM and OVM.  Since then I've continued my involvement with the Accellera VIP TSC and executed on a couple of customer engagements.  

I wonder - are there others of you in the same boat with great ideas for conference papers that just never had the time to put something together to meet the DVCon deadlines?  Or, perhaps you submitted something but didn't have what it takes to make the cut?  If so, would anyone be interested in getting together at some point during the conference to share those misfit ideas and get feedback from peers?  If there is enough interest, perhaps we could have a session where individuals could sign up to give 5 minute "lightning talks" on the verification-related topic of their choice.  Besides the obvious benefits of showing the world how cool you are, you'd also get a chance to practice your presentation skills at a major conference but without the somewhat large barrier of entry.  

In my mind, the biggest benefit of attending a conference such as DVCon is the opportunity to network and share ideas with colleagues.  A "misfit panel" would be a perfect way to combine those two worthwhile goals.  If you're interested, please let me know.

Regardless, I'm looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones at DVCon 2009!

* Note: It was brought to my attention that I should have used a link to this You Tube video instead... but it can't be embedded in a post for some reason, so you'll have to go view it for yourself!