DVCon Misfits Unite!
Pre-DVCon Press Releases: SpringSoft/Certess, Cadence, Synopsys and Jasper

DVCon 2009: Coming Soon to a Theater Near You!

It’s that time of the year again – DVCon starts this Tuesday, February 24 in San Jose.  First off, here is the list of sessions I’m tentatively planning on attending.


  • Accellera Technical Committee Luncheon
  • I’m skipping the tutorials on Tuesday as I’m not arriving in SJC until Tuesday morning and I’ve got meetings scheduled all afternoon.


  • Prototyping: Where Hardware and Software First Meet
  • Verification Methodology and Testbenches – I
  • Increasing Functional Coverage
  • Case Studies of OVM in Multi-language Verification Environments
  • Keynote: The Techonomics of Verification
  • EDA: Dead or Alive? (The old Troublemakers Panel slot, now hosted by Peggy Aycinena)
  • SaaS and Cloud Computing EDA Roundtable


  • Verification Data Management
  • Case Studies – I
  • Risky Business: How Do I Manage Risk in My Next Design Project?
  • Case Studies – II
  • Mixing Formal Analysis with Simulation: Why, When, Where, and How?

Note: If you’ve registered for the conference you can create your own custom downloadable schedule on the DVCon Zerista website.  The Zerista site is new this year and, in addition to creating a custom schedule allows registrants to network with other conference attendees.  It’s a great idea (if I do say so myself) but I think the scheduling mechanism could use some significant work, especially if someone was planning on using it for DATE or DAC.

Next, do you have a Twitter account?  One of the cool things in the pipeline for DVCon this year is that many attendees have signed up for Twitter accounts and are planning on twittering throughout the conference.  You can follow my activities at DVCon via my personal Twitter feed. Don’t understand Twitter?  Here’s a great video describing what Twitter is and why you might want to use it: Twitter in Plain English (thanks, Tommy!). 

The first year I blogged at DVCon (back in 2007) I spent a lot of time writing about each and every thing I did during the conference.  Last year I toned it down a bit, but this year I’m definitely going to focus my attention on one or two topics, as the nitty-gritty details will all be on Twitter. 

What else… oh, it looks like I’m going to have some company on the bloggers-as-press front (sorry Peggy).  Harry “The ASIC Guy” Gries will be attending the conference and will be blogging about his experiences over on his site.  Harry is also organizing the SaaS and Cloud Computing EDA Roundtable I mentioned above.  Harry is a great guy and I expect to see some interesting material from him over the next week or two about the conference.

Overall, I’m most excited this year to meet up with friends and colleagues, both old and new.  I’m also hoping to learn more about how the VMM and OVM are being used on real projects and whether users are looking for new features to be added (including features related to interoperability).

What are you interested in learning from DVCon (especially those of you not attending)?  I’ll be happy to do some digging around if anyone has any requests!