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OVM/VMM Interoperability and VMM 1.1

Two interesting announcements in the last few weeks.  First, Mentor and Cadence both announced compatibility libraries to enable VMM testbench components to interoperate within an OVM environment.  Then, today, Synopsys announced updates to the VMM, including the addition of multi-stream scenarios, transaction iterators, and a Performance Analyzer package to assist in the gathering of statistical functional coverage metrics.

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Verification Now 2008 – Taipei and Herzliya

Yes, I know, I’m a slacker… it’s been over a month since I got back from Herzliya and wrapped up my Verification Now 2008 World Tour and I still haven’t (until now) posted photos from Taipei and Herzliya.  That’s not exactly true – the photos have been up on Flickr for a month or so now but I never had the time to write a post about them.

National Palace Museum Garden

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