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OVM/VMM Interoperability: A Closer Look

Verification Now 2008 - Yokohama, Japan

JL Presenting in YokohamaNow that I’m back home and mostly over what turned out to be a wicked case of jet lag, I’ve finally had a chance to sit down and organize my thoughts and notes on my trip.  Monday, October 27 was the Verification Now seminar in Yokohama, Japan.  The event was great fun for a number of reasons, not least of which was the pleasure of meeting readers of this blog and several new folks face to face. 

Of course, the day was made just that much more exciting by the fact that the translators (two very nice women who nonetheless reminded me of Patty and Selma from The Simpsons) had only had a day or two to go over my slides and hadn’t availed themselves of the opportunity to view a couple of recordings we made of my presentations in Santa Clara.  I ended up having to spend about two hours walking them through both of the presentations (all the while losing my voice).  I had a couple of comments that the translators weren’t able to keep up with my speedy pace, and one other saying they did just fine, so I’m not sure how things turned out in the end.  Regardless, giving the presentations to a foreign audience was a great experience and ensured I did a much better job in both Taipei and Herzliya. 

During my presentations, audience members had the choice to wear an earpiece with the Japanese translation of the talk.  During the subsequent Q&A session that followed, I wore an earpiece myself so I could get questions asked in Japanese translated back into English.  Afterwards, I had several people come up to me with questions.  I was, of course, terrified of making some sort of social faux pas, especially when passing around business cards.  That made it all the more humorous when one of the attendees, obviously nervous, came up to chat with me in broken English.  The whole time we were speaking I wanted to let him know that I was probably much more nervous than he was.  Heck, I was the one in a foreign country who couldn’t speak the language!  Ah well – as I like to say, experiences like this build character :-).   

Luckily I did have a little time to do some sightseeing in Tokyo the Sunday before the seminar.  I’ve posted some pics from my adventures taking the train from Yokohama to Tokyo and back on Flickr.  Sadly, I didn’t take any photos of the food I ate while out with Mark Hampton, CTO of Certess, on Sunday evening.   He took me to an out of the way place that was one of his local favorites.  The waiter brought out small charcoal grills to the table and trays of raw meat and fish which we cooked ourselves.  It was a real treat, but I will say that I prefer my food to have the eyes removed before being brought to the table!

After finishing up in Yokohama I headed to Taipei, Taiwan for the next installment in the seminar series.  I’ll post a description and photos shortly.  Here’s a great shot I took from the plan on my way from Tokyo to Taipei – I believe it’s Mt. Fuji, but someone please correct me if I’m mistaken!

View from the plane from Tokyo to Taipei