OVM/VMM Interoperability: A Closer Look
Verification Now 2008 – Taipei and Herzliya

Cool Demo – Low Power Sims with CPF, Incisive and SimVision

My good friends at Cadence have been gently pinging me for awhile trying to convince me to write about some of their more interesting verification-related announcements.  Unfortunately, I’m always in the middle of client work and somehow never get around to putting pen to paper (for example, I missed out on the recent and unfortunately timed announcement about Cadence’s recent IP acquisition).  However, Mickey Rodriguez’s recent blog post and associated video demonstrating how to use CPF with Incisive caught my attention. 

The video is not too long (about 8 minutes) and shows how to create a CPF file describing power characteristics of a simple design module.  It then shows how signal outputs affected by power domains look in the SimVision waveform and schematic viewer.  The text in the video was difficult to read on my 1024x768 display, but hopefully it will look better in full screen mode on a larger display.  Check it out!