Verification Now - One Down, Four to Go!
Twittering Away My Trip

In Yokohama for Verification Now on Monday

Yesterday afternoon I arrived in Japan in preparation for the Verification Now seminar coming up tomorrow (Monday, October 27) in Yokohama. 


The 13 hour flight from Dallas to Tokyo was a bit of a drag, but I had a good seat and was able to get some work done.  Once I arrived in Tokyo I still had an almost 2 hour bus ride to get to my hotel in Yokohama.  The hotel, the Hotel Associa Shin-Yokohama, is excellent.  The room, as is also typical of rooms in Europe, is just the right size, with everything you need and no space wasted.  Of course, I was most impressed by the electronic toilet ;-).


After checking into the hotel, I wandered around the shopping mall that makes up the lower 10 floors of the hotel building.  I was hoping to find some interesting Japanese food to eat, but realized that in my semi-comatose state I was not in the mood to try to navigate the menu at one of the many Japanese restaurants nearby.  So, instead, I settled for an Italian restaurant (Hey, at least I didn't go to McDonalds!).  I'm hoping to make up for that today while doing some sightseeing in Tokyo.

I'm very excited about the seminar on Monday.  We had a good session with about 30 attendees at the Austin seminar last week (not including several who attended from the sponsoring companies) and which included several familiar faces.  It looks like we're going to have a larger turnout than expected here in Japan (and especially the seminar in Israel a week from Monday).  The feedback we've been getting from the seminars has been quite positive, with the exception of one guy who I'm convinced reversed his 1-5 numbering scale :-).  In fact, Sean from IntelligentDV left the following comment on my blog last week after attending the seminar in Santa Clara:

"As I'm coming to expect from the folks at Verilab, both presentations are excellent.

"I strongly recommend that you bring your *boss* to the first session.
(Because, let's face it, your company's process for prioritizing features for verification is ad-hoc at best.)"

Thanks Sean!  And thanks to everyone who has attended so far.  If any of you who attended have feedback for me please let me know.  One other point of note - It looks like my schedule is almost entirely booked up with meetings on Wednesday and Thursday of this week while I'm in Taipei/Hsinchu, and next Sunday while I'm in Herzliya, but if you'd like to set up a time for me to come by your office to chat about verification-related issues please let me know ASAP and we'll see if we can set something up.