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Verification Now, Coming This October to a Theater Near You!

This year at DAC, Verilab and my colleague David Robinson partnered with SpringSoft to present several seminars on Requirements Based Verification.  I'm pleased to announce that Verilab is working with Certess, Denali, and SpringSoft to present an enhanced and expanded version of the "Requirements Based Verification" session and a new session entitled "Building Flexible and Reusable Testbenches using a Layered Approach to Stimulus Generation" at the Verification Now seminar series in several locations around the world:

  • October 14: Silicon Valley
  • October 21: Austin
  • October 27: Yokohama, Japan
  • October 31: Taipei, Taiwan
  • November 3: Herzliya, Israel

I'll be presenting the material at each location, followed by demos from each of the three sponsoring companies. Interested in attending?  Head on over to the Verification Now website for detailed session and registration info.

A New Addition to the Family

At the Hospital
Originally uploaded by brillianthue

My family was blessed with a new addition a few weeks ago! Here is a photo of my son while we were still at the hospital. Mom, older brother, and baby are all doing fine, though my wife and I (yes, yes, I know, much worse for my wife) have had much less sleep than normal! It's been a bit of a bummer timing-wise since I've had to miss CDNLive! and the Accellera VIP face to face, but my wife wasn't very helpful when I asked if she could move in the schedule a bit ;-).

Google Calendar, Plaxo, Outlook, and the iPhone - How to Sync Multiple Calendars

A couple of weeks ago I got an iPhone and have been trying to figure out the optimal way to get it synchronized with all of my contacts, calendars, and tasks ever since.  I use the following services:

  • Google Calendar (work calendar via Google Apps)
  • Microsoft Outlook (currently my master calendar and currently sync'd with my Google Calendar)
  • Plaxo (to sync my calendar and contacts)
  • Remember the Milk (tasks)

What I'd like to have is:

  • Google Calendar 1 (Work Calendar)
  • Google Calendar 2 (Personal Calendar)
  • Plaxo (Contacts)
  • Remember the Milk (Tasks)
  • Access to all of the above via separate calendars in Outlook
  • iPhone (Over the Air access to all calendars, contacts, and tasks)

I've spent more time than I care to admit trying to figure out how to get all of my info sync'd.  It looks like there is no one solution (not sure about MobileMe btw... I can't figure out if it can sync with Google Calendar) that can help me get two way synchronization working between all of these various services.  However, after a significant amount of pulling of hair and gnashing of teeth I think I've come up with an (almost) workable solution for my contacts and calendars.

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