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Goering on Mentor/Cadence VMM Support

Mentor Releases Customized VMM

A little birdie just gave me a call letting me know that Mentor has released a customized version of the VMM that runs on Questa.  I have not had time to dive in yet, but the associated PDF file that comes with the release takes great pains to describe how the VMM is not compliant with the SystemVerilog spec and why the OVM is better than the "legacy" VMM.  Check out Karen Bartleson's blog for a reaction from Synopsys where she says, "I’d venture to say that despite all the posturing, Mentor’s support of VMM demonstrates the solidity and broad industry acceptance of VMM."

Regardless of the marketing BS from both sides, I'm happy to see a simulator vendor supporting both methodologies, and I hope to see similar moves by Synopsys and Cadence in the near future.