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SystemVerilog Interoperability for Heavy Hitters!

JL@DAC - SystemVerilog Interoperability, Birds of a Feather, and Panels

I've been buried the last few weeks but finally have a few spare minutes to let everyone know what I'm up to at DAC this year.  Unlike last year where I basically just wandered around taking photos and writing blog posts, this year I'm giving a presentation, running a Birds of a Feather session, and participating in at least one panel (but possibly two). 

First up is tomorrow (Monday, June 9) morning at the Real Intent Booth (#2540)at 11am.  I'll be giving a presentation entitled "Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy and SystemVerilog Interoperability." Check out the press release for more info. Here is the abstract for those of you who may be interested in attending:

SystemVerilog today purports to be the one common verification language supported by all tool vendors. However, in an interesting parallel to the situation a decade ago, verification IP from different sources is likely to be incompatible due to differences in the SystemVerilog language and methodology support between various Electronic Design Automation (EDA) vendors. As with its close cousins Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy, the reality is that (spoiler alert) SystemVerilog Interoperability is a myth. This presentation also includes a discussion of the likelihood SystemVerilog interoperability will move from myth to reality as a result of the efforts of Accellera's Verification Intellectual Property (VIP) Technical Subcommittee (TSC).

Next up is the Blogging Birds of a Feather session on Wednesday, June 11 at 6pm in room 201B of the Anaheim Convention Center. The session has generated a lot of buzz, including this mention by John Blyler of Chip Design Magazine:

"Oddly enough, this informal BoF event may well be one of the more memorable experiences of this year’s DAC. If nothing else, it could serve as a good way for traditional journalists, non-traditional journalists (you know who you are), bloggers and the curious alike to get together and mingle – not in online social networks or as Second Life avatars but face-to-face. What a concept?!"

I'll be opening the session with a short presentation on blogging from the perspective of an independent blogger.  Then Dave Lin, VP of Marketing at Denali will quickly discuss blogging from a corporate perspective. Finally, Steve Leibson, columnist at EDN and Tensilica's Technology Evangelist will discuss blogging from the perspective of a journalist. 

After the presentations (hopefully about 15 minutes total) we'll go quickly around the room and allow all of the bloggers present to introduce themselves.  We'll finish up with an interactive discussion between attendees on issues affecting bloggers in the EDA industry. Given that this is the first time we've held this event, it's likely there could be some changes by the time Wednesday rolls around. Regardless, I'm looking forward to meeting fellow bloggers and others interested in blogging.  I think we're in for a great time Wednesday evening! Special thanks to Sean Murphy, Harry Gries, David Lin, John Ford, and Ron Ploof for the significant amount of help and inspiration that has gone into organizing this event! Also, special thanks to my employer, Verilab, for providing the refreshments.

Once the presentations and the blogging BoF finish up, I'll be participating in an OVM panel at the OVM World Summit at the Garden Ballroom Sheraton Park Hotel at the Anaheim Resort on Thursday, June 12 from 8-noon. The summit starts at 8am on Thursday but the panel itself doesn't start until 9:15am.  The panel will be moderated Gabe Moretti and will include the following industry luminaries (and me - not sure how I got on the list, but hey, I'm not complaining!):

  • John Aynsley- Doulos
  • JL Gray- Verilab
  • Olivier Haller- ST
  • David Lin- Denali
  • Dennis Brophy- Mentor Graphics
  • Stan Krolikoski- Cadence

If time permits (question for Stan, btw) I'm also hoping to participate in the EDAC Marketing forum panel from 8-9am on Thursday.  Unfortunately, that panel is at the convention center and the OVM panel is at the Sheraton down the street - not sure if I could make it from one to the other in time. The topic of the EDAC panel discussion is "New Media: What Does It Mean and How Have We Started To Use It To Reach Our Decision Makers?"  The problem, as I pointed out to panel organizer Michelle Clancy from Cayenne Communications, is that panel as currently described has no one who actually lives and breathes new media.  If only she knew someone with a blog she might be able to fill out the panel quite nicely ;-).  The panel should be interesting with or without my participation, so I highly encourage everyone interested in new media from a marketing perspective to attend!

By the way, if you're looking for me at DAC don't bother trying to find someone that looks like the guy with the beard and the ski mask in the picture on the Cool Verification homepage - my wife made that guy shave his beard as soon as he got back from living in Europe for 4.5 months back in 2005.  Instead, check out these more recent headshot photos.  Looking forward to meeting up with those of you attending DAC this year!