Heading over to Denaliwood and preparing for the BoF
First Annual Blogging BoF a Success!

Live from Denaliwood

June 12, 2008: Updated the category of the post and fixed a typo.

Sad to say, I'm actually sitting at the DAC Denali party with my laptop writing this. Figured it would be worth a shot to try something different - why wait till late this evening when I can post now with the help of my camera, laptop, and AT&T WAN card! BTW... I should mention in advance that this post reads better to the tune of "Superfreak!"  Super Freaky for sure...


Cliff Cummings practicing his dance moves (or wishing he could take the .* SystemVerilog construct to the Denali party with him?)  Sorry, Cliff - '.*' is taken - you'll have to settle with '.name' instead!

Cliff Cummings practicing his dance moves for the Denali Party

Look ma - giant TV screens! 


Sean Smith from Denali (pretty boy on the far right) is a surfer at heart!  Who knew?


Hey Mark - hope this doesn't end up on Facebook - Employers these days don't take kindly to wild party photos ;-).


Does Ted actually do any real work for Cadence or is it all prep work for the Denali party each year at DAC?  Senior VP of wild and crazy guys, that's what I say!


John Blyler (left), Paula Abdul (sort of, middle ;-), and Mike Santarini. Hey, anyone want to come to the Blogging Birds of a Feather tomorrow?


Janick - Really, I love the VMM, I swear!


JL and Sanjay - Damn you ISO 800!


Next year I'll spend more time practicing before I start shooting - here's another EDA CEO (Aart, far right) for my collection (That's three - Bingo! But I forgot to ask for a photo of Aart's shoes):


Trust me, Gary (right) - e and SV really are competitors - even Brett Cline agrees with me! Mike Santarini (left) obviously isn't working hard enough at Xilinx these days if he's got time to party with his old pals at the Denali party!


Alright, enough already!  I'm outta here ;-).