SystemVerilog Interoperability for Heavy Hitters!
Live from Denaliwood

Heading over to Denaliwood and preparing for the BoF

Finally - time to kick back and relax at the Denali party!  I'll be heading over there shortly with my laptop and camera. If I can get an internet connection on my WAN card I may even post some quick images of the event. 

One thing I really should be doing though instead of going to the party is preparing for the blogging Birds of a Feather session tomorrow evening at 6pm in room 201B - I've thrown together a few slides describing quickly the stages of blogging from a newbie's perspective, then revisiting from the perspective of what actually happens once you take the plunge!  I then discuss the benefits I feel blogging brings to the table both personally and for the industry.  Hopefully it will all be finished within about 5 minutes so we have time for the other speakers and some in-depth discussion with attendees.  Anyone else have any thoughts as to what we should cover?  John Busco had some good ideas of topics to discuss (I've shamelessly lifted them and will be proffering some of them as discussion topics tomorrow evening).  Feel free to add additional topics below.