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Update - Birds of a Feather

Time is progressing and unfortunately I haven't done as much as I'd like to organize the Birds of a Feather session I proposed a couple of months ago.  Why not?  Some of you may have noticed my blog went into a bit of a hiatus during the March and April time frame.  Why?  Well, the reason was related to issues surrounding the relationship between Cool Verification and my employer, Verilab.  What were these issues, you may ask?  My boss, Tommy Kelly (Verilab's CEO) has done a good job of summarizing the ins and outs of Corporate Blogging and the issues he and I faced on his new blog, Darkling Wood.  Topics include:

  • possible brand dilution
  • IP ownership
  • appropriateness of content

The end results of our discussions were that I'm back to blogging again and Tommy himself has taken the blogging plunge!  Perfect timing, as it provides yet another topic of interest for the DAC 2008 Birds of a Feather session on blogging.  Now, as I mentioned I've done a crappy job promoting this, but here is the general idea.  Send me your name letting me know you're going to attend.  Show up somewhere in the neighborhood of rooms 201B and 201C at the Anaheim convention center on Wednesday, June 11 around 6pm.  I'll be there and so will at least 3-4 others who have confirmed with me.  If 10 confirm by the Wednesday afternoon of DAC we'll actually have a room.  If less, we'll go grab a beer and have some ad hoc discussions. 

Who should attend?  Bloggers, people interested in starting to blog, marketing directors looking for info on how best to communicate with bloggers (hint, don't send me a form mail, personalize!), CEOs wondering how to get their employees to start blogging, and anyone else curious about the impact blogging is already starting to have on the EDA industry.

So, send me a note if your planning on attending.  Also, feel free to catch up with me any time at DAC itself - I'll be presenting at the Real Intent booth on Monday, June 9 (more details to come soon) and may also be seen hanging out around the Novas booth with my colleague David Robinson who will be speaking on the topic of Verification Planning Monday through Wednesday.