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DAC, Accellera and Web 2.0

Blogging "Birds-of-a-Feather" Session @ DAC 2008

Last year before DAC I wrote about the possibility of holding a birds-of-a-feather session related to blogging, but wasn't able to drum up much interest.  With more Cool Verification readers than ever this year and after some interesting discussions at DVCon I figured it was worthwhile to throw the idea out there again.  If you're a blogger or interested in the topic of blogging in general and are planning on attending DAC this year, let me know!  Or, if weren't planning on attending DAC but are interested in blogging perhaps this will be the event that makes it worth your while to swing by.  Possible topics for the session could include:

  • For everyone, short technical talks about the things we write about on our blogs - verification, DFT, journalism, memory, EDA standards, etc.
  • For the non-bloggers in attendance:
    • How to get started blogging
    • Issues involved with starting a corporate blog (especially relevant for CEOs wondering what this whole blogging thing is about and whether it could help your business)
    • Ideas on what your new blog could be about
    • Why Deepchip isn't really a blog ;-)
  • For the bloggers:
    • How to track web stats and feed subscriptions
    • Best known methods for which software to use
    • How to deal with requests from PR departments, etc
    • How to cover current events on your blog
    • How to write articles that even the journalists will love
    • Using photography to enhance your blog
    • etc

I'll be working with a few others to contact those of you with blogs that we  know about in the coming weeks, but if you see this and are interested please post a comment or drop me an email at jl at coolverification dot com.