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A Busy Day at DVCon

The Expo Reception Needs Change Bars!

My first EDA conference was one year ago at DVCon 2007.  At the time I was thrilled to get the opportunity to speak with vendors about upcoming new products and to listen to presentations about the various methodologies people were using to solve real world problems.  The same general feeling held true at DATE last April and even to some extent at DAC.  By CDNLive! in September the feeling was long gone. 

This evening as I wandered around the DVCon Expo reception, I had very little desire to quiz the vendors on their products.  What I wanted instead was to see a list of the things that were different this year from last so I could quickly decide where to focus my limited time and energy.  So, on that note I'd like to ask if any of the vendors presenting at the conference this week or demonstrating their wares at the Expo are willing to describe to me exactly why I should be interested in speaking with them this year (vs. last year).  If so, please send me a note or catch me in person tomorrow or Thursday.  Otherwise, I'll just sit back and wait for the dance war competition on Thursday afternoon! (BTW... Cliff seemed to find the title of the post amusing... Stew Stu?  Not so much ;-).