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SCDsource - A Breath of Fresh Air or More of the Same News For the Hardware Design Community?

For the last several months I've been on the mailing list of Richard Goering's new media venture - SCDsource.  The newsletter and associated website were created back in the fall shortly after Goering was laid off from EETimes.  SCDsource is billed as a new kind of news source for the hardware design community. 

How is SCDsource different from the likes of EETimes and EDN?  For starters, there are no ads on the site's front page.  My understanding is that the site will instead be supported by ads placed through the "SolutionSource" portion of the site, where registered users can search through a categorized listings (sort of like the yellow pages) for people who provide things like functional verification tools or foundry services.

Another difference is supposed to be that the content is well researched and free of the vendor bias associated with user generated content on other EDA news sites.  Whether that stays true over the long haul remains to be seen, but the articles I've read so far seem to be of a reasonably high quality.

When I spoke with Francine Bacchini, publisher of SCDsource, this evening at the DVCon Expo reception she was keen to point out that the site's search engine had been optimized to recognize the types of queries hardware designers typically make.  I suppose that's entirely possible, but until the site has built up a significant level of content I see very little reason to spend the time to pull up the site in my browser when I can instantly enter a Google search from the menu bars of both IE and Firefox. 

My recommendation?  The site is worth taking a look at, but keep in mind that some of the content requires users to go through a painfully detailed and mildly intrusive registration process (specifically, the SolutionSource section).  For starters, you might find this "Expert's Corner" article about assertions interesting. It was based on an interview Goering did with Faisal Haque and Jon Michelson about their recent book, "The Art of Verification with SystemVerilog Assertions."