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Dance War: Cliff vs. Stuart

Due to the recent writers strike here in the US, most of the regular TV shows this fall were replaced with reality shows where writers were not required.  One of those shows was entitled Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann.  I have to admit to watching Dancing With the Stars, where Bruno and Carrie Ann were judges, but with Dance Wars, TV producers went too far.  The premise of the show?  Former "Dancing With the Stars" judges Bruno and Carrie Ann face off, each with a hand selected team of dancers, to see whose team can perform the best song and dance number. 

Interestingly, it looks like we've got our very own "dance war" brewing here at DVCon this Thursday afternoon.  Last week I mentioned I was planning on attending Embedded Tutorial 2: What is New and Relevant in EDA Standards Today?  The tutorial is being put on by Stuart Sutherland and Victor Berman.

A couple of days later Cliff Cummings sent me an email  telling me about Embedded Tutorial 1: Design & Verification of Asynchronous Clock Crossings in a SystemVerilog World.  Cliff and Rich Faris from Real Intent are putting on the tutorial which looks like it's going to provide an interesting look into the world of CDC design and verification.  He mentioned it again over lunch today, and implied that his session would be far more interesting than Stuart's. 

Now, Cliff and Stuart are both from the Portland area and to the best of my understanding are friendly competitors.  Based on my most recent discussion with Cliff I'll be on the lookout Thursday to see who can draw the biggest crowd.  I haven't heard from Stuart as to why I should attend his session over Cliff's.  I'll work on getting a comment from him later today at the DVCon Expo that starts at 4:30.