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Looking Forward to 2008

I was looking through my web stats the other day when I noticed something strange - I was getting referrals from the DAC homepage.  A quick glance at the site revealed that Cool Verification is listed as one of several "industry blogs."  Here's the complete list from the DAC site:

This is the first time I've seen the DAC site mention blogs.  A closer look reveals they've also added a discussion of blogging to the press credential requirements

Last year when I attended DAC I managed to meet up with John Ford, author of DFT Digest.  Perhaps this year I'll get a chance to meet some of the other folks who blog on the topic of EDA.

Writing this article got me thinking that it's just about conference season again.  First up February 19-21 is DVCon in San Jose.  Following soon thereafter is DATE in Munich March 10-14.  SNUG in San Jose, CDNLive in Munich and DAC will carry us out through the middle of the year. 

This should be an interesting year.  We're all still anxiously waiting for the release of the OVM library (shh, don't tell anyone) from Cadence and Mentor.  It's also a year that (in my opinion) will start to see an even broader adoption of SystemVerilog, and perhaps some surprises from Synopsys as well.