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Synopsys To Support e?

Those of you who follow the discussions over on the Verification Guild will have no doubt seen the thread about possible Synopsys support for the e language.  If not, head over there and take a look.  I've been getting bugged by someone from a certain large EDA company that has a vested interest in the language to mention the possibility of VCS supporting e for last few months.  The most interesting part of the entire discussion is that there hasn't been a single comment (unless I missed it) from any Synopsys employee.  In fact, the longer Synopsys doesn't comment on the issue, the more inclined I am to believe there could be some truth to the rumor. 

Janick or Tom - care to comment one way or the other if there is any merit to this?

I have not personally talked to anyone who has seen the e support or has directly heard from Synopsys that it will be supported.  I've only heard the info myself second hand.  Would anyone with direct exposure to the topic care to comment?  I'll be happy to keep your identity anonymous if needed.