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Fister @ CDNLive!

Yesterday morning I attended the opening keynote session.  Michael Catrambone, chairman of the CDNLive! Steering Committee kicked things off, followed by Mike Fister, Cadence CEO, and Alterto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli, a professor at UC Berkeley and member of the board of Cadence.  Mike Santarini over at EDN wrote up an excellent summary of Fister's talk and shared his thoughts on Fister's improved public speaking skills.  I'm glad Mike took so much useful info away from the keynote, because most of the time I found myself staring blankly at the stage and video screens as Fister described manufacturing, complexity, and scale challenges that focused largely on the back-end of the design process.  I snapped back to attention when the topic of advanced verification came up.  The OVM was prominently mentioned as a means of delivering SystemVerilog interoperability between vendors and accelerating SV adoption.  Fister also pointed out that the OVM would provide a framework to create verification IP. 


Mike Fister, CEO, Cadence Design Systems

I appreciated Fister's focus on verification related issues, both in his keynote and in a brief discussion I had with him on Sunday evening.  This focus on verification was readily apparent in the strong roadmap presented this morning at the Verification Alliance Partners briefing.

After the keynote I had an opportunity to chat briefly with Fister.  As promised, I politely asked it it would be ok to snap a photo of those $1800 shoes.  Mike was a good sport, so here you go.  What do you think?  Worth big bucks for a pair of these?