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CDNLive! San Jose Most Valuable Paper

DSC_8360This afternoon, the Most Valuable Paper award at CDNLive! San Jose was given to conference junkie [1] Kelly Larson from Analog Devices in Austin, Texas for his paper entitled "Translation of an Existing VMM-Based SystemVerilog Testbench to URM".  I sat in on Kelly's presentation and agree with the conference organizers that it was an outstanding analysis of the differences between VMM and URM, and would be a big help for anyone transitioning between the two environments.  As a Specman user now working on a VMM testbench, I also found it helpful in demonstrating how to map the eRM concepts I'm used to in e into a SystemVerilog/VMM environment.  Congrats Kelly!

[1] - For those of you who don't know Kelly, he's presented at several US conferences this year!