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Synopsys/Intel and the OVM

This morning I got another one of Cooley's Industry Gadfly's via email.  According to Cooley (and Yahoo Finance), Synopsys announced that they are now Intel's "primary electronic design automation supplier."  Cooley was surprised that Intel would ever announce a preferred supplier like this.  So am I.  During the time I worked at Intel we were not supposed to share info about who our suppliers were, and suppliers were also not allowed to mention they were selling to us.  Cooley was also shocked ("WTF????" was the exact phrase he used) that Cadence wasn't the one to pull this off, given the fact that Mike Fister spent 17 years at Intel before joining Cadence as the CEO. 

For my part, I'm curious to know how much Cadence and Mentor lost out on the deal, given that each one likely has/had decently sized agreements to sell specific tools to Intel.  I also got to thinking - could last week's announcement of the OVM be somehow related?  The Synopsys/Intel announcement seems like just the thing to pull Cadence and Mentor together.  Am I the only one who has had this thought?  As always, comments welcome.