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Stephen Levitan on DAC 2007

DAC Attack

DAC is fast approaching, June 4-8 in San Diego.  I'll be there for the first time along with a few other folks from Verilab.  I need to sit down and go through the schedule to figure out what I'd like to get out of the conference.  The only thing I've got planned for certain is to hit the Denali party on Tuesday evening.  There's also a chance I may attend the Magma press event (seems to have been scheduled around the Denali party, so the Denali party must be pretty good!).  Anyone else out there planning on attending the conference?  If so, I'd love to meet up, especially with those of you with EDA-related blogs.  Please drop me a line at jl at coolverification dot com and we can arrange a time to get together.  Also let me know if you have the inside scoop on any cool events going on during the week.