DATE 2007 - April 16-20
DATE Prep Continues - Updated Photo and SVUG Info

Verilab at SVUG – April 16 During DATE

I wanted to give a quick heads up to those of you in Europe who are interested in connecting with other SystemVerilog users.  Jason Sprott, VP of Consulting at Verilab, will be giving a talk on "Functional Coverage in SystemVerilog" at the SVUG meeting April 16, 2007 at 2pm in Nice.  The SVUG meeting will be collocated with DATE at the Acropolis convention center.  In addition, Cliff Cummings will be giving a tutorial on "SystemVeriog Design Fundamentals", and Jonathan Bromley from Doulos will be talking about "The Best of VHDL and Beyond: SystemVerilog for VHDL Users".  I attended the last SVUG event in Austin, where both Jason and Cliff spoke.  The talks are definitely informative, and the audience questions were even more so.  Plus, it was a great opportunity to meet other like-minded individuals who also are developing methodologies to take advantage of SystemVerilog. 

Also, a reminder – if you're planning on attending DATE let me know – or keep an eye out for the tall goofy looking guy with the camera and say hello!