Questions, Always Questions
Day 1 - ESL, URM, and SPIRIT

Too Many Cookies?

Is it possible to eat too many cookies on a transatlantic flight?  Based on my current research so far, it is possible, and for me, 7-8 cookies seem to be the limit! 

I finally arrived in Nice around 5:30pm this evening, and made it to my hotel shortly thereafter.  I've already had to switch rooms due to lack of a working internet connection/TV, and my new room has no curtains, so the housekeepers came in and put white bed sheets over the wooden shutters to keep some of the light out.  I don't think it's going to work well, but I'm hoping I'll be so tired tonight I won't care.  Oh, and did I mention the Internet doesn't work in my new room either?  But, it turns out there is an Orange WiFi network that can be used instead.  Perhaps I should have stayed in my original room!

I had a massive dinner at a Cuban restaurant several blocks away from the hotel with a couple of my colleagues from Verilab.  They're either European or have been over here for a week or two and weren't jet lagged at all.  Why they wanted to stay up until almost midnight I have no idea, but here I am at 1:30am Tuesday morning trying to check my email and get ready for the conference in the morning.