Verilab at SVUG – April 16 During DATE
Missing from VCS SVTB - array.shuffle()

DATE Prep Continues - Updated Photo and SVUG Info

  JL Gray 
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Check it out - I've actually got an official photo!  I think it's a little on the creepy side, but at least I'm recognizable and not wearing my ski hat (though it was tempting).  Hopefully folks at DATE who have read this blog will have an easier time recognizing me than those at DVCon.  I talked to several people who, after a few minutes, finally realized that I was "that guy with the blog".  No excuses this time!

Also, in other news, I received info that Cliff Cummings won't be able to make it to SVUG in Nice.  That still leaves Jason Sprott and Jonathan Bromley though, so be sure to check it out!