SVUG and DVClub - March 20, 21, and 22
DATE 2007 - April 16-20

Updated Version of Specman Mode for Emacs

Update March 23, 2007 - Ok.  One more update.  It looks like if you're using the latest version of emacs/xemacs you should be just fine using the specman-mode.el patch without any additional patching required.  If anyone finds any strange bugs in the updated version let me know or simply send a support request to Cadence, or directly to mac at verilog dot com.

Update March 22, 2007 - I just got a note from Avidan with some new information.  Once you have the new version of Specman mode as described below, you'll need to install filladapt.  Don't ask me how it works - as I mentioned before I know very little about Emacs.  Regardless, once you have both files installed everything works correctly!

After reading Avidan Efody's description of bugs in Specman mode for Emacs and after being admonished by Verilab's resident lisp guru that the code on the site was at least four years old and that there might be a newer version, I decided to check with Cadence support to see if they had a more recent version of the file.  As luck would have it, they did have a newer version (1.22), which has now been posted to the Specman-Mode website.  Now, I'm not usually an Emacs user, but for the sake of all of you who are, I decided to give the new version a try.  Sadly, though I didn't experience the problem Avidan discussed related to '--' comment markes not being parsed correctly, I did still experience the second problem where commenting out lines with symbols such as '{}' made it impossible to enter a new line of text.  I've sent Cadence Support a follow up email and am waiting for a response.  If I learn anything new I'll post it here. (see above for an update!)

Also, I'm very excited to (belately) report that Avidan joined Verilab back in January!  Apparently he did a pretty good job answering all of those tough interview questions :-).  Welcome aboard Avidan!