John Cooley, Recently Bathed, Hosts the Troublemakers Panel
DVCon 2007 Best Paper Awards

Who Puts the 'Cool' in Cool Verification?

Ok, many of you have commented that my picture on Cool Verification looks nothing like me.  I'm not sure I understand... all I'm missing these days is a hat, sunglasses, and a beard... nothing that should make me look that different!  Take a look for yourself.  Here I am hanging out in the hallway of the DoubleTree hotel here in San Jose holding one of the conference signs (with a stern looking woman in a nearby chair giving Joe Hupcey and I an evil eye).  I didn't know Joe was a photography expert, but once I found out I was quick to ask him to help me take this shot. Thanks Joe!

We're coming up on the end of the conference.  The best paper announcement is in just about 20 minutes or so.  I'll be posting that live as soon as it is announced.  I've also got a huge stack of notes from the Mentor Graphics coverage panel this morning ("Blended Coverage: A Recipe for Success"), the Cadence lunch panel (" Does the Key to Verification Success Lie in the Language, Methodology, or Somewhere In-Between?"), and and from my interview with Mike Stellfox.  Both of the panels today  were excellent.  Kudos to Harry Foster and Mike Stellfox for putting together such interesting groups of people.