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Mentor – Company of the Quarter?


I arrived at the Doubletree Hotel in San Jose this evening.  As I was wandering around the hotel I started noticing some strange signs proclaiming Mentor Graphics as the "Company of the Quarter".  Sounds exciting, but what does it mean?  I checked with a woman at the front desk who explained that Mentor has booked the most rooms at the Doubletree over the last quarter, which entitles them to these nifty signs :-).  Could this be a conspiracy by Mentor to get extra advertising during DVCon?  Will there be a backlash from Synopsys and Cadence?  What about this week?  Who has booked the most rooms for DVCon?  Is that Mentor as well or will we have to augment these signs with "Company of the Week" and/or "Company of the Month" companion signage?


PS… My photography skills are not great, and my ability to create blog entries with photos is even worse.  Sorry!  I've also posted several photos from my first night in San Jose on Flickr.  Check them out!