News of Note From the Keynote
Who Puts the 'Cool' in Cool Verification?

John Cooley, Recently Bathed, Hosts the Troublemakers Panel

Updated February 26, 2007: Switched out picture of John with a new and improved version.

Thursday morning after the keynote I had the opportunity to meet John Cooley of Deepchip fame.  If you've been at DVCon the last couple of days, you may have seen me lugging around my camera for just such an occasion.  I asked if I could snap a photo of John to go with my coverage of the keynote.  "Sure, no problem", said John, "but would you mind if I took a shower first?"  Fair enough, I said, so I waited until later in the afternoon to get this shot.

This particular photo of a sparkling clean John Cooley was taken after the Troublemakers' Panel.  I was hoping to write something up about the panel but it ended up (not surprisingly) being heavily focused on the backend tool flow.  Since I'm not an expert in that area I decided to sit back and enjoy the show.  The panelists were quite energetic.  I'm sure a couple of the other columnists (including Cooley) will write up the talk in great detail.  When they do I'll add the links here.  At one point, Brett Cline (AKA the SystemC Poster Boy) decided that enough was enough.  He had prepared a list of questions for John from a few of the other panelists.  Sadly, I wasn't fast enough getting my notebook out to catch them all, but I believe we're still waiting on the answer to this one:

Brett Cline: "So John - we haven't heard about your sheep for awhile...  did you guys break up?"

I'll be back online tomorrow with a final day of coverage of DVCon 2007.  I've still got quite a bit of material I haven't had time to write up yet from the last few days.  If you don't want to miss anything be sure to subscribe via email or RSS to save you from the trouble of having to check back here from time to time.