DVCon 2007 Best Paper Awards
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Closing Out the Conference

It's over!  DVCon 2007 is officially finished.  Tom closed out the conference by announcing the DVCon best paper award winners for this year.  He also announced that the final attendance was 710, a new record!  I'd like to thank Tom and the rest of the conference organizers for hosting a great event, and being available to help me out with info for stories over the course of the week. 

There are many technical challenges facing the EDA industry.  Though not everyone agrees on the details of how to move forward, the thing that struck me most about this conference is how everyone is converging on some common ideas.  For example, though there is heated debate about which low power standard should prevail, there is agreement about how to deal with low power (the two competing standards are apparently quite similar). 

Similarly, in the verification space there is starting to be a convergence of opinion that functional coverage, assertions, and constrained random testing are important.  Not everyone agrees on the exact tools and languages that should be used, but there are a lot of dedicated, hard working engineers on all sides of the problem whose goals are to get these problems solved.

Stay tuned - I've got more to say on the conference in the coming days.