DVCon 2007 Begins!
Gabe Spotting!

Busy First Day at DVCon!

Wow - it's been a busy day so far.  I was hoping to be able to post up a few additional articles about some of the things going on this afternoon but I've spent the last 2 hours retyping/reorganizing my notes!  Since this morning when I attended Mentor's AVM tutorial, I also participated in the press luncheon with several notable figures (who I will describe in more detail as soon as I have time to write the material up into a post!).  However, I will say that Gary Smith from Gary Smith EDA was there, as well as Gabe Moretti (Gabe on EDA) and Peggy Aycinena (EDA Confidential).  I've read Gabe and Peggy's blogs in the past, so it was a real treat to get to meet them and to sit down with them and the rest of the group to talk about DVCon and the EDA industry.  I also had a run-in with Rob Hurley (CEO) and John Molyneux (President) of Doulos.  They were kind enough to tell me about what training materials they were getting the most interest in, and some cultural differences between training in the US and Europe. 

Now, I'm off to check out the exhibitions and get ready for the opening reception.  Tomorrow I hope to touch base again with Tom Fitzpatrick where I plan to ask him how the terms he uses to describe pre-silicon and post-silicon (verification|validation), among other things. 

As always, if there is something you're interested in hearing about let me know.