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Hardware Verification with C++

Back in October, I received a mail from Mike Mintz asking if I'd like to take a look at a book he just wrote with Robert Ekendahl - "Hardware Verification with C++, A Practitioner's Handbook".  It sounded interesting enough, and I knew Mike had been working on a C++ verification library from a brief correspondence we had about a year ago, so I agreed to give it a read.  Around the same time, I read a post by Joel Spolsky (Book Review: Beyond Java) where he reviews a recent book by Bruce Tate (Beyond Java).  As luck would have it, at the same time all of this was going on I also had just upgraded to an unlimited subscription for O'Reilly's Safari Books Online, which meant I could immediately start reading "Beyond Java" (which I did).  Reading these three items got me thinking about the state of the art programming-wise in hardware verification versus state of the art in the software industry as a whole.

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