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Verilab is Hiring!

Folks - a quick post. I've been busy traveling (and drinking delicious German beer) over the last few weeks.  Verilab is hiring.  Check out our job posting at for more details, or see our ad on  If the link doesn't work simply go to and search for "Verilab".  This will work on the US, UK, or German sites. 

Also, just an FYI in case you happen to run into me when I'm out and about... I no longer have the beard :-).  Guess I need to update my photo.

On My Way

  Munich Frauenkirche¬≤ 
  Originally uploaded by Digitaler Lumpensammler.

Updated August 16, 2006: Fixed a typo.

As I write this I'm sitting at the airport in Austin getting ready to start a three week trip to Munich.  Given all the problems over the last several days with terrorist threats to air travel coming out of the UK, I decided I ought to try to get to the airport a bit earlier than usual.  I was expecting heavy traffic (today is the first day back to school for some districts here in Austin), long lines at the check-in counter, and long lines going through security.  As it turns out, there was very little traffic (though I wasn't actually driving), no lines at the check-in counter (in fact, there wasn't anyone else there checking in!), and no lines at the security checkpoint.  All in all, it took me about 10 minutes from the time I entered the airport to the time I got to my gate... 3.5 hours early!

It's been a couple of years since I last visited Munich.  Last time I arrived about a month after Octoberfest.  This time, I'll be there about a month before Octoberfest.  Bummer! 

I'll be traveling for the next few weeks ramping up on a new project.  I know there are at least a few of you reading this from Munich, and I'd be interested to meet you (or catch up for those of you I've already met).  Drop me an email and let me know if you'd like to get together.