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A Year In The Life

July 24 will mark the one year anniversary of Cool Verification (for a good laugh, check out my slightly tacky first post).  When I started the site I knew very little about blogging, and wasn't sure if anyone would be interested in reading anything I had to say.  It was also quite a challenge getting over the fear of making a fool out of myself (as it turns out, it's really not that bad once you've done it a few times)! 

This time last year there were (to the best of my knowledge) only a few folks publishing anything on the Internet about verification.  The main ones were Deep Chip and the Verification Guild.  There were also a few blogs discussing the EDA industry such as DATum, Gabe on EDA, John's Semi Blog, and EDA Confidential.  Over the last 6 months or so, others have joined the fun including Engtech and Specman-Verification. Both of these blogs are quite well written, though I tend to put more weight into blogs whose authors publicly identify themselves (small, well intentioned dig at the author of Engtech). 

For the curious, here are some current stats about Cool Verification:

  • Approximate number of feed subscribers - 40.
  • Page hits last month - ~2100
  • Unique Visitors last month - 1170
  • Posts - 87 (have you read them all?)

So, a big thanks to everyone who's supported me by actually reading this stuff!  As always, your thoughts, comments, questions, etc are welcome and appreciated!