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Trying Out Full Posts In Feed

Several months ago I switched from providing full posts in my RSS feed to excerpts - primarily because I didn't have any way to track if anyone was actually reading the posts.  In readers such as Thunderbird it really doesn't make too much difference since Thunderbird went out and automatically fetched the web page each time someone wanted to read a particular post.  However, other web-based readers such as the Google Reader just show the summary text and require the user to click on a link to see the full site.  That seems like a pain. Plus, people reading the blog through the email subscription service were only receiving a snippet of the text of any given article.  Both of these issues should be resolved.

The only drawbacks to the new approach seem to be it's possible someone may miss an update I make to a post after it's already been read out of the feed and it's not possible to see comments without clicking through to the site.  Though there are at least 30 subscribers to my feed and almost a couple thousand page hits per month these days y'all don't seem to be a very talkative bunch, so I'm not going to stress about it too much!  Let me know if anyone has thoughts one way or the other.