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Bugzilla and VMware Revisited

A few weeks back I wrote about the Bugzilla appliance available for use with the VMware player. I've also recently written about potential uses for virtual machines in debugging hardware simulations.  In the first article I mentioned that one issue I had with the Bugzilla appliance was the inability to upgrade due to the fact that make and gcc are missing.  The folks over at VMware were keen to mention on their blog (search for the article entitled "Remaindered Links") that the smaller the virtual machine, the better.  In general I agree, but the reason I was so interested in the appliance in the first place was that I wanted to play around with Bugzilla and didn't want to spend the time configuring a server that could support the latest version.  I was more than willing to wait for the larger download to save myself the time of building up a VM from scratch.  Though now that they mention it, building up a machine from scratch really isn't a bad idea.