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IEEE 1647 Becomes a Standard!

Well, it's almost official - according to the IEEE 1647 web site from a post dated March 29, 2006:

RevCom recommends to approve the 1647 draft standard
In its meeting today, RevCom decided to support the approval of the draft standard. The IEEE Standards Activity Board is expected to ratify this recommendation tomorrow, at which point the draft will become an official IEEE standard.

So the e language finally becomes a standard... it's not likely that anyone except Cadence will be providing support for e anytime soon but perhaps it will provide incentives for folks to start developing applications that can work with Specman/e.  It would be interesting to see Cadence release an open-source version of Specman (or at least a stripped down version) that could be used to seed a potential community of EDA developers who could build a market around e related products and services.