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Static vs. Dynamic Partitions

Wow, I must have hit the big time.  Someone linked to an entry I wrote back in December from the University of Michigan.  :-).  On it, they write about my vague description of static partitioning.  To help clear things up a bit I thought I'd provide a link to a Wikipedia entry with more info about logical volume management.  Additionally, the article entitled "Unix/Linux Disk Partitioning Guide" written by Wayne Pollock describes reasons for wanting a logical volume manager instead of using simple static partitions. 

In short, static partitions can't be changed dynamically, meaning you can't resize them.  To make a new partition you need to blow them away and start over.  A logical partition can be resized by adding new disks, taking over space from an existing disk, etc.  I would strongly encourage anyone reading this to refer to one of the links listed above for more useful (and accurate) info.