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Like Keeping Electronic Notes? Try a TiddlyWiki!

OK - I admit it - I haven't been doing posting of much significance recently.  What I've done instead is to build up a tolerance to the sight of an infant with spit-up covering the entire side and back of his head who is also urinating on my hand while soiling his recently removed diaper... <sigh>... Anyways, something ostensibly more closely related to verification is the experiment I'm trying on my current engagement.  Instead of writing all my notes down in a notebook or 10 I've started keeping anything I deem useful in a personal TiddlyWiki

A TiddlyWiki is similar to a regular wiki but is contained entirely within one file.  It doesn't use a fancy database setup of any sort - the entire contents of the wiki are contained in plaintext within a single file.  That makes it extraordinarily portable!  In my opinion, TiddlyWiki's are even better than regular wikis for "micro-content" due to the ability to tag entries, ala  It also has a built-in search box to make it easy to find content.  I've been using it since December and have amassed quite a collection of notes which I use every day.  I especially like the fact I can publish an RSS feed so I can easily share my notes with others.  Check out the tutorial for yourself and let me know what you think!