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It's Cold!

I'm used to cold weather from growing up in the Midwest.  Temperatures in the 20s (F) were cold but never a good enough reason to miss school (to my continual disappointment). Now that I'm living in Austin, Texas, temperatures in the 20s take on a whole new meaning.  The entire city is shut down today due to a nice thin glaze of ice that has covered many of the bridges and overpasses as a result of freezing rain overnight.  It's a bit of a shock to the system given that just a few weeks ago we had temperatures in the 80s.  The temperature rarely gets below freezing in Austin, so in addition to ice on the roads one also ends up worrying about freezing pipes and dead plants if it stays cold for too long.

On the bright side, according to at least one newscaster kids will be able to have fun sledding on some of the icy hills around town... The guy who said this has apparently never lived somewhere that got real snow during the winter!