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My Kingdom for an OpenOffice Writer Template!

What an afternoon.  I need to write a user's guide for a testbench I'm working on but can't use Microsoft Word.  Instead, I need to write a document that is compatible with StarOffice 7.  I've got 2.0 installed on my laptop and decided to spend some time this afternoon trying to set up a simple template for the guide.

One of the nice things about MS Word is that it comes with enough templates (and I've been using it for enough years) that I can usually get something to start with and then modify the styles to get exactly what I'm looking for.  Unfortunately, OO doesn't come with any templates at all, and the interface for creating templates, while looking suspiciously similar to MS Word doesn't seem to work in exactly the same way. 

After some Google searching I finally found a basic template called Blue Report.  It looked interesting - until I actually started typing.  Hit enter after a heading and you get another heading.  Try changing the style to "Text Body" and somehow there's a number left over that you have to delete.  Delete the number and then you have to "increase indent" to get the text lined up the way it was before.  Want to add a new numbered header?  Too bad for you.  The font changes but no numbers are forthcoming.  I tried changing the numbering scheme in the styles and formatting menu but couldn't get a style that behaved as I expected. 

Anyone out there have a reasonable OO 2.0 template they'd be willing to share?  If so, send me a note at jl AT coolverification DOT com.