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Problems Running Specman on Fedora Core 4

Here at Verilab we have FC3 and (coming soon) FC4 servers running most of the major EDA simulation and verification tools.  Unfortunately for me they are all located in the UK which means a lot of variation in the performance I get over my VNC session.  I mentioned previously we are working on developing a Specman testbench for the Ethernet core as a training mechanism for some of our guys who are learning Specman.  To make it easier to do the work from Austin I've installed FC4 under VMware and over the last several days have been installing the relevant EDA tools so I can access everything locally.  Unfortunately, I immediately began having problems with the Specman GUI.  The "Modules", "Coverage", and "Sys" buttons weren't operational - I would get a message saying "Connecting to GUI...".  After much pulling of hair and gnashing of teeth our systems administrator and I were able to come up with a solution.  Turns out that I had SELinux enabled.  Once I turned it off the Specview GUI worked just fine.  Important safety tip!