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Blogs to Books – Get out and publish!

Yesterday evening I attended a presentation put on by the IEEE Computer Society and Engineering Management Society in Austin entitled Blogs to Books – Get out and publish!.  The presenter was Don Shafer, CTO of Athens Group and Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE Computer Society Press.  Don is also a co-author of the book Quality Software Project Management (which incidentally, I won as a door prize!). The presentation focused on the importance of sharing technical knowledge with other working professionals and the means through which one could accomplish that goal.  I'll publish a link to the Power Point for the talk as soon as it is posted. UPDATE: Link to Don's slides.

One of the things I took away from the talk was the benefit of publishing one's ideas in an open forum and allowing others to take shots at them.  That way, if you're right, you'll be more confident you've come up with a good solution, and if you're wrong you'll find out!  It was also interesting to hear that editors of technical publications (both online and in print) are always looking for content. If you can get in the door with some of these folks you'll have lots of opportunities to publish. 

Don also mentioned a few web sites during his talk that caught my attention.  The first one is an Air Force publication entitled CrossTalk - The Journal of Defense Software Engineering.  Another link of interest is which takes snapshots of Internet content and can be used to view the content of web sites from ages past. 

Finally, Don mentioned the IEEE-CS is working on something called "Ready Notes".  Ready Notes are short (<100 pages) PDF documents that will be published for between $5-$10 and downloadable from the IEEE web site.  It will offer an opportunity for people to publish short works and split the profit with the IEEE 50-50.